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  The Company's Story - An Open Book

  World headquarter: St Louis, MO ~ USA

Founded on the Future  

Reliv International became important thanks to the vision of its Co-Founders Robert L. and Sandy Montgomery. Their vision: to create a company that could give people a way to better control their health and lives.


Like many Distributors that followed in their footsteps, Reliv Co-Founders Robert L. and Sandy Montgomery were not looking to start a business when Reliv came into their lives. Robert had distinguished himself in the business world, becoming executive vice president and second largest shareholder of Modern Income Life Insurance Company, now based in Phoenix, AZ and had already retired at the age of 38 after selling his life insurance company. Bob and Sandy's plan was to raise Arabian horses on their new farm while they raised their children together.


The Montgomerys’ interest in nutritional products began when they experienced the passing of two of their parents within a short period of each other. Bob and Sandy decided they were going to do all they could to maintain their good health, which meant optimizing their nutritional intake. At a nutrition industry event, they met Dr. Theodore Kalogris.


A Classic Company Is Born 

“Through a trial-and-error process over many years, Dr. Ted developed a formula — which would later form the foundation of Reliv Classic® — that was helping him and many people he knew experience remarkable health results,” Sandy explains. “When he described the formula to us and the science behind it, we decided to give it a try.” 


The Montgomerys began experiencing health results of their own. But it wasn’t until Bob was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor that they really understood how special Dr. Ted’s formula was. “After I had the tumor removed, I was able to recover in a fraction of the time I was told to expect,” Bob says. “The doctors were amazed at how my body bounced back so quickly.” 

“At that point we knew we simply had to share our discovery with the world,” Sandy adds. “So we gathered some of our closest friends, sat down at our kitchen table with yellow notepads and began to design the company that would become Reliv.” It's the Birth of Reliv in 1988.

Today’s Ground Floor Opportunity 

Now over two decades since its founding, Reliv is a global company with more than 60,000 Distributors worldwide. And according to Bob and Sandy, that’s just the beginning. “Reliv is as much of a ground floor opportunity now as it was when we started the company,” Bob says. “Most people have yet to hear about Reliv, and everyone can benefit from our products and business opportunity. As much as we’ve grown over the years, we’re going to grow even more in the years ahead.” 

“What amazes me is that people just discovering Reliv today are sitting around their kitchen tables planning a better future just like Bob and I did years ago,” Sandy notes. “And the best part is they have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams through Reliv and change countless live along the way.”

Ph.D Théodore P. Kalogris - Reliv Genie 

Scoring a Victory for Humankind

Dr. Theodore P. Kalogris was born March 17, 1916. The man with a vision to serve mankind began a humble but fulfilling childhood as the son of first-generation Greek immigrants. From the time he was a child, Theodore was encouraged to live a life of service to others and was challenged by his father with these words "Be ashamed to die until you have scored a victory for mankind". Theodore lived by this credo his entire life, dedicating his work to improving human health through nutrition.

Dr. Ted grew up in New York City until his teenage years. His parents sent him to Greece for a pre-college education at the Monastery of St. Stephen. The monastery taught him the value of humility that would drive his later work. Although his father’s dream for him was that he become a theologian, his love of science led him to pursue studies in microbiology. He earned his Bachelor of Science, masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Athens in 1939. After college, he returned to the U.S. and became reacquainted with his parents whom he hadn’t seen since his teens. 

Fascinated by the role of nutrition in large animals and the effect of their nutrition on human consumption, he studied the effects of nutrition on dairy herds in South America. By applying proper nutrition to balance the body chemistry of the herds, he was able to help reduce the occurrence of bovine mastitis, an infection that plagued the dairy cows in the region. 

Realizing that the key to animal health lay in proper nutrition, Dr. Ted applied those same principles to human health. For an entire decade, Dr. Ted researched various formulations of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other ingredients to create a supplement that provided optimal nutrition for humans. He began to supplement his own diet with the formulations he had created. When he experienced significant health improvements through better nutrition, he knew he had the key to help others too.


At the forefront of innovation in nutritional science with products based on Optimal Nutrition rather than minimum daily allowances


Dr. Carl W. Hastings, Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, oversees Reliv research, development and manufacturing. Dr. Hastings is a renowned food scientist, researcher and noted authority on soy foods and obtained a Ph.D. in food science from the University of Illinois. For Mead Johnson & Co., Dr. Hastings conducted key research on sterilized liquid nutritional food products for adults and infants, and developed low-calorie foods marketed under the Weight Watchers label. With the A.E. Staley Company, Dr. Hastings developed new applications for food ingredients developed from corn and soybeans, including starch, sweeteners, protein and fiber. Dr. Hastings joined Reliv International shortly after its founding in 1988. He has since developed a comprehensive line of nutritional supplements, has nearly 35 years of nutritional research and holds seven products patents among them Innergize!®, FibRestore®, Cellebrate®, Arthaffect® and ReversAge®. 

In 2009 Dr. Hastings was elected to the board of directors of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the leading trade organization for the nutritional supplements industry.


In 2012 Dr. Hastings was ranked #9 out of more than 5,000 CSOs according to ExecRank. He was honored for his role in developing research capabilities that help produce groundbreaking scientific products, as well as his role in strengthening Reliv's reputation for innovation.

One thing that characterizes well Dr. Carl, is his attention to the product development since the beginning of the company. "We test and test again at every step in the manufacturing process," he said. "At any point, if we find that the blend doesn't meet our specifications, the entire batch is rejected." Reliv's leadership role in the industry is also reflected in its partnership with major universities, like the universities of Illinois, as well as its participation in clinical trials to determine the efficacy of its products and ingredients.


"Relìv has set the standard for our industry, manufacturing our products under strict, near-pharmaceutical conditions, which has resulted in approval to manufacture therapeutic goods by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and DIN classification from the Canadian government. No one ever has to worry about the potency or effectiveness of the Relìv products they buy." explains Dr. Carl.   


A  Dedicated Mission to Nourish the World

To recognize the philanthropic achievements of Dr. Ted Kalogris and to forward his cause of "scoring a victory for mankind", Reliv International established the Kalogris Foundation in 1995. Dr. Kalogris along with Reliv CEO Robert Montgomery & Director Sandra Montgomery attended an honorary audience at the Vatican in Rome.

The Kalogris Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization designed to help those in need enjoy healthier happier lives. The Foundation has distributed and donated nearly $16 millions in Reliv product to individuals and organizations around the globe. Daily, some 250 feeding centers worldwide provide essential nutrition to more than 42,000 impoverished children helping them with their acute and chronic needs. The Kalogris Foundation also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and cash to the Hurricane Katrina and Asian tsunami relief efforts.

Dr. Ted died in 2003 at the age of 86. His intellect was surpassed only by the generousness of his heart - a humanitarian in every sense of the word. In announcing Dr. Ted's passing to the Relìv community, Bob Montgomery provided a fitting eulogy:

     "You have your victory, Dr. Ted," said Bob. "You have your victory."


           Please visit also The Kalogris Fondation Website