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Blood Sugar Management: GlucAffect® Clinical Trial Confirms GlucAffect Works

As part of a healthy lifestyle, patented GlucAffect is clinically shown to help with healthy blood sugar management and support weight loss. The breakthrough formula unites nutrition science’s most cutting-edge ingredients, including Pycnogenol®, Omega 3 fish oils, salacia extract and Glucohelp™ — each of them clinically shown to improve blood sugar management and provides other health benefits. Get in control with GlucAffect

Proven Effective: In an eight-week clinical study of overweight individuals with elevated blood glucose levels, subjects taking four daily servings of GlucAffect® lowered their fasting blood glucose by an average of 30% and lost an average of nearly 16 pounds.


Daily consumption of GlucAffect dietary supplement has been clinically shown to help lower blood glucose levels and aid in weight loss. In an eight-week clinical study, 50 overweight subjects with moderately elevated fasting blood glucose, criteria for metabolic syndrome, were randomly assigned to either receive four daily servings of GlucAffect nutritional supplement or an inactive control product with identical taste, color and texture as a meal replacement. They also agreed to participate in a diet and exercise program. Test subjects taking GlucAffect lowered their blood fasting glucose by an average of 30%, moving from elevated glucose levels to healthy blood sugar values. The lowered blood glucose was confirmed by the average HbA1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) level, which also moved into the healthy range. No significant glucose lowering was found in the control group. In addition, those individuals taking GlucAffect lost an average of nearly 16 pounds during the eight-week period, slimming to an extent on average that they achieved their optimal BMI (body mass index). No significant effect on body weight was found in the control group.

In creating GlucAffect, we included ingredients clinically shown to help address blood sugar management using amounts that had already been proven effective, so we expected good results. But even we could not have expected such a dramatic outcome in just eight weeks. Needless to say, we're thrilled with the results and eager to share this product with the world.

Clinical Study Download PDF

Dr. Carl W. Hastings
Reliv Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer


Reliv Now and FibRestore Proven Effective - New study shows Reliv Now® and FibRestore® may help with lowering risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


A team of scientists in the Philippines led by Jorge Sison, MD, recently conducted a study to determine the effects of Reliv Now and FibRestore in reducing major risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


The facts:
• Cardiovascular diseases rank number one in causing death globally.
• Lipid abnormalities like high cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and HDL (“good cholesterol”) are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
• Soy and fibers have been proven to help improve lipid abnormalities and therefore, benefit health.


The results:
Reliv Now and FibRestore…
• Reduced average cholesterol by 14%
• Reduced average LDL by 18% and 8%, respectively
• Reduced average triglycerides by 1.2% and 12.4%, respectively
• Reduced average uric acid by 10.4% and 16.7%, respectively
• Produced greater reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides among diabetic and/or overweight individuals


To learn more about the study, download the graphic results.  


Reliv Launches LunaRich Soy Powder

LunaRich delivers five to ten times the amount of lunasin, a naturally occurring peptide that provides many of soy's documented health benefits.

Reliv International and Soy Labs LLC recently announced the creation of LunaRich™, an exclusive soy powder developed at the Missouri Plant Science Center (MPSC). Reliv Now®, Reliv's cutting-edge essential nutrition formula, is the first product to contain LunaRich.


“This is a significant step forward for Reliv and for nutrition science,” Reliv Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carl Hastings says. “As scientists learn more about the mechanisms that make soy a nutritional superfood, Reliv is proud to lead the way in making the fruits of these discoveries available to all.”


What is LunaRich?

LunaRich is a whole soy powder cultivated from Reliv-dedicated soybeans. Soy Labs and the MPSC research partners identified soybean varieties for use in LunaRich with the highest possible levels of lunasin, a peptide found naturally in soy. “Lunasin is the nutritional ‘magic’ behind many of soy’s remarkable health benefits,” Dr. Carl notes.


Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the MPSC’s lead scientific advisor, first discovered lunasin during research at UC Berkley to improve the nutritional profile of soy protein. More than 40 peer-reviewed and published studies have documented lunasin’s health benefits. Research by 21 research institutions supported by 27 public and private funding sources has resulted in nine patents.


Premium Soy Powder

“A growing body of research shows that the lunasin peptide is one of the most important bioactive components of soy,” Dr. Galvez explains. “Among other benefits, lunasin demonstrates superior support for cardiovascular health and exhibits significant anti-inflammatory properties. In creating LunaRich for Reliv, we have maximized lunasin levels in soy.”


“Reliv has always used the best possible soy available,” Dr. Carl notes. “But LunaRich takes it to a new level. It contains unprecedented levels of bioactive lunasin in every serving — five to ten times that of typical soy. And we’ve been able to direct the entire production process — from seed to can. We are very, very excited about what this means for Reliv and everyone who uses our products.”